About Dr. Denese.

One of the first doctors to specialize in anti-aging medicine, creator of award-winning Dr. Denese SkinScience®, and a top-seller on QVC, Dr. Denese has made it her life’s mission to help women look younger, feel younger and live healthier lives. As an accomplished doctor, businesswoman and skin care visionary, Dr. Denese has connected directly to customers through her PBS Special and infomercial, giving all women access to her innovative, premium products at affordable prices.


“My passion for making women feel beautiful and confident started at an early age.” – Dr. Adrienne Denese


Grew up in Hungary at the height of socialism. At nine, her interest in skin care began with helping her aunt make bee pollen face cream, purchased by hundreds of women in secrecy.


To stay connected to the world beyond socialism, she threw herself into studying Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Latin, English and German.


Earned a Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the very early age of 22. To further her studies, her father spent his life savings on a one-way airplane ticket to New York, so she could start her new life in America.


After completing a fellowship at Harvard, she was accepted to Cornell Medical School. At 32, the oldest in her class, she felt compelled to find new ways to retain her youth through understanding the aging process, which became her focus and passion.


Opened her anti-aging medical practice in Manhattan, gaining recognition from the New York Times, Good Morning America and 20/20 for her breakthrough approach to maximizing the anti-aging efficacy of ingredients. In 2002, she launched the Dr. Denese SkinScience® brand and began partnering with QVC. In 2006, she published her book, Secrets for Ageless Skin.

2010’s – Now


Reached top performing status on QVC for a skin care line, selling over 25 million units and receiving multiple QVC customer choice awards. Continually innovating and formulating new products, Dr. Denese’s latest skincare collection – Essential Radiance – brings together the best of science + nature in a simple, yet effective daily regimen.

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